Bugambilias Cocina Latina

610 Crossroads Campus Dr #105, Buffalo, MN 55313, USA

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    Bosephus P
    August 22, 2022

    What a hidden gem in Buffalo. Have your server order for you! First time visit to Bugambilias today for a business lunch. I actually remember our server's name - Diego. I asked him to order for me, and I wish I had remembered to take a picture. Great presentation of cooked shrimp, fresh avocado, spinach in a great sauce on a bed of rice. Went back today and took pictures - unfortunately after we had started eating, but food still looks good! The Texas Burrito was great.

    Sue Madison
    June 01, 2022

    The service was beyond incredible! The server saw my older parents and I getting out of the car. Both my parents use a cane. The server came out and help them both up the curb and held the door. When we left he assisted them again down the curb! You do not see or get that service these days. Will definitely be going back. The food was great.

    Lora Smith
    June 25, 2022

    Was my first time eating here / ordering online for takeout and WOW… the gentleman who took my order was polite, charming and professional. There was no delay in ordering nor going in to get my order. And my food was absolutely delicious. This place, by far, has the best Mexican food in the area!!! I haven’t dined in so I can’t comment about that so my review is solely based on takeout. I HIGHLY recommend this place. You must try it. I ordered two chicken enchiladas and beef nachos- they were perfect! Thank you for the great experience. I’ll be a regular.

    Elsa Quammen
    April 23, 2022

    Omg, I wait a long time to find a restaurant to sell coctel de ceviche is so good!

    Nichole Otto
    July 17, 2022

    I was shocked by the service we received on our last visit. We had eaten at Bugambilias before and really enjoyed the food, so we returned for some of this tasty food and margaritas. We were greeted, or should I say seated, as this gentleman did not offer a greeting or even a small smile. After we were seated, we were greeted by a pleasant female server and ordered our margaritas. Two of us received our margaritas, and I took a sip and could taste nothing else asides from tequila. Now I am by no means a hardcore drinker; however, unlike my mother and sister can handle if a drink is poured a bit stiff. When I say I could only taste tequila, I mean I could only taste tequila; there was barely a hint of the mango I ordered. When the female server returned, I kindly said: “I am so sorry, but this is so strong I can’t drink it.” Mind you, it was 1:30 pm, and we were driving from out of town. I said I did not need another and would stick with the water I had also ordered. The female server apologized and took my drink. At this point, my mother and sister had tasted theirs and said they could only taste tequila as well and could not drink them. Shortly after the female server left, the male server, who had seated us, returned and asked if there was a problem, and I explained. He immediately asked if we wanted him to make us another; we declined (politely again) and said we were fine with our waters. We then ordered an appetizer and main dish to split between the three of us; the remaining two margaritas stayed at the edge of our table the entire meal. This male server returned a couple of times and refilled our waters, and brought us some more chips; I politely thanked him every time. We asked for the tab on his last stop, which arrived shortly after. The two untouched margaritas that remained at our table were still on the tab. My mother went up to the front and found the female server to explain we did not drink these because they were too strong and did not think we should have to pay for them. Before she could finish, the male server came out of nowhere and asked, “is there a problem.” My mother then explained again and returned to the table. The male server returned with a tab, set it on the table, and, while walking away, stated in a not-so-friendly manner, “do not order alcoholic beverages again, I tasted them, and they are fine.” I responded with, “don’t worry, we won’t be returning,” and he retorted, “that is just fine.” I don’t know what we did to deserve such a nasty response, but I have never been treated like this in a restaurant. I previously worked in the food industry for over six years as a server and know how challenging some customers can be. Asides from saying we didn’t like his margaritas; we were not difficult in any way. In fact, we were very polite and patient. I still do not understand what we did to make this man so upset with us. We did not drink half the margaritas and then complained. We did not put up a fuss or say any mean words. Maybe he was just having a bad day. However, to treat paying customers this way is just not ok. We love Bugambilias food; however, after this experience, we won’t be returning for even that.

    Bugambilias Cocina Latina

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    610 Crossroads Campus Dr #105, Buffalo, MN 55313, USA

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