Small Business Saturday in Buffalo, MN

28 November 2020

This year in 2020, maybe more than ever, it’s important to support our local Buffalo, MN businesses on Small Business Saturday!  Our local families who own or work at the businesses in our community are here to serve us all by providing the products & services we need and want.

Buffalo, MN Shop Local
Division Street in Buffalo, MN

There’s no replacement for walking into a business & getting a friendly greeting and a smile, and a “how can we help you today?”  You can’t try on clothes & shoes online, nor touch & feel the quality of products.  You can’t lay brands side by side to compare and contrast which one is right for you.  Returns & exchanges you may need to make are more of a hassle online, than just walking into the business where you bought it & walking out with the correct item.

When you do business with people you know & live in community with, there’s a relationship, whether as the business owner or customer, and a sense of care and trust that is built.  An open, honest, mutually beneficial relationship develops when you serve or are served by people that you go to church with, sit on the sidelines at your kids games with, or run into at local restaurants or community events.

Shopping local has great benefits all the way around!  So, jump in your car, head into town & get to know the faces & families behind all our great local establishments here in Buffalo, MN.  Or pick up the phone and schedule that appointment with a local dentist or chiropractor.  Call that local contractor to service your furnace or give you that quote on your home improvement project.  Do that Christmas shopping locally & find that perfect gift for your loved one!

On this Small Business Saturday in 2020, let’s get out and support each other in Buffalo, MN!

To find that local business you need, do a search at:


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