Welcome to Buffalo Shop Local!

29 October 2020

Shop Local Buffalo, MN
Welcome to Buffalo, MN

For many, it’s been a challenging year:

The year 2020 has been unusual to say the least!  And local businesses across the country have been negatively impacted by the shutdowns if considered “non-essential,” and even many essential businesses saw a dip as many consumers were staying home or shopping online.

We wanted to help:

As we talked to our own clients and listened to their struggles, we asked ourselves “What can we do to help our fellow local businesses?”  We feel like small local businesses are the backbone of America, providing much needed products & services to their local communities, as well as jobs to many local residents who then are able to provide for their families.

Introducing Buffalo Shop Local:

We decided to build a local directory site for the community of Buffalo, MN to promote our local businesses.  We created a searchable directory where residents can find local businesses by name, address or category.

Looking for a restaurant for dinner?  Search and be reminded of all the great options Buffalo has to offer.  New to town & need to find a dentist?  One search for “dentist” will provide all the options our town has available.

Then, we gifted each local business a free listing in our directory!  We included their name, address, phone number, link to their website & a map to their location, along with a photo and a description of their business…all free of charge.  It’s our way of helping promote our fellow local businesses during these unusual times.

Buffalo Residents:

If you’re a resident looking for a local business, please consider bookmarking this site  & using it to help you find all the incredible businesses in Buffalo.  Save a link to the home page of your phone for quick access on the go!  And please share this free resource with all your friends and on your social media!  Thank you!!

Buffalo Businesses:

We’ve been working hard to build listings for our local businesses, but we haven’t gotten to them all.  If you own a local business, do a search on our site for your business name.  If you don’t find it, simply click the big, blue “Submit a Listing” button in the upper right hand corner of the page and fill out your details for approval.  Once our team reviews your listing & gets any questions answered that we may have, we’ll approve your free listing to be included on this site!  Also, please share the directory site with your family, friends & customers, as well as your social media!  Let’s all work together to promote more local shopping in Buffalo, MN!

Go Premium:

If you’d like a more robust listing for you business, you can upgrade to Premium.  In addition to the Free Listing features, you can also add your email address, logo, videos, image slide show, social media sharing icons, additional button links & more.  AND for a limited time, you’ll get a free “Featured Listing” on our home page.  All of this for a small introductory price of only $299 for the whole year!

Thank You:

On behalf of our local business, we want to say “Hang in There!” and thank you to all our of our great local businesses & residents in Buffalo!  We hope this is one way we can help promote a thriving local economy, keep our local families in business or employed by a local business, let our local residents know of all the great options we have here at home, and build long-lasting relationships between our businesses & our residents in this great little town we call home!

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